Opulent Angled Coupe Cocktail Glasses, Set of 4

Introducing Sister.ly Drinkware's stunning Angled Coupe Cocktail Glasses (Set of 4), the perfect blend of sophistication and whimsy that will elevate your glassware collection to new heights. These exquisitely crafted Angled Coupe Cocktail Glasses boast a one-of-a-kind paneling design that not only catches the eye but also creates a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow for an unparalleled drinking experience.

  • Meticulously crafted from premium-quality glass, our Angled Coupe Cocktail Glasses offer exceptional clarity and brilliance, ensuring that your favorite cocktails are showcased in all their glory. The distinctive angled panels not only add an elegant touch to the glass but also enhance the play of light, casting enchanting shadows that dance and shimmer, captivating your guests and sparking lively conversations.
  • Whether you're sipping on a classic martini, toasting with a glass of champagne, or indulging in a creative concoction, these exquisite glasses are sure to impress. And with their generous 8-ounce capacity, you can savor every last drop of your favorite libations.
  • Perfect for special occasions, intimate gatherings, or simply elevating your everyday cocktail hour, our Angled Coupe Cocktail Glasses make a thoughtful and stylish addition to any home bar or glassware collection. So why not treat yourself or your loved ones to these captivating glasses and watch as the magic unfolds with every sip?

Cheers to making memories and celebrating life's most cherished moments with Sister.ly Drinkware's Angled Coupe Cocktail Glasses!


  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Height 7" Width 4.5"
  • Capacity 8 oz.
  • Set of 4

Customer Reviews

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Highly Recommend

Beautiful glasses and wonderful customer service!

Gorgeous Ginormous Glasses

While some women collect shoes as though theyre channeling the late Imelda Marcos, others like me gather glassware. Nicely made angled coupe glasses can be difficult to come by, so when I saw this set of four from Sister.ly I felt compelled to order it.

The set of glasses arrives carefully swaddled in good-quality Styrofoam for protection, with the exterior presenting as quite giftable that is, if youre so inclined. Me? Im keeping these for myself!

Much lighter in weight than many glasses of similar (or smaller) size, these Sister.ly glasses come across as being delicate and more than a bit fragile. Thats particularly true for the long, super t-h-i-n stems that seem to scream, Hand wash me, and be super careful while youre it!

A standard 3-ounce pour in the Sister.ly coupe hits right at the bend of the angle in the body of the glass. (See photo.) As with angled wine glasses where a 5-ounce pour is standard the fill line for a beverage should aim for that area. In this regard, the glass design is spot-on. Sometimes less is more, and this is a fine example. Just because a glass CAN hold 8 ounces doesnt mean it SHOULD.

This may seem a bit off topic, but I appreciate the fact that the Sister.ly company is upfront about saying this drinkware is made from glass instead of filling the marketing material with the word crystal in an attempt to make things sound fancier. Far too many sellers resort to that tactic claiming their plain old glasses are made from fine crystal intentionally misleading customers in the process. But not Sister.ly. Here the product information and description match reality.

BOTTOM LINE: These angled coupe glasses from Sister.ly are delicate and well made, in addition to being lovely. Although theyd be perfect as a gift, they also make a great addition for a home beverage setup. At the current price of around $46 (about $11.50 per stem), I also think theyre a good value.

Lovely Champagne Glasses

These are really nice as champagne glasses because the beveled edge designs looks wonderful with champagne bubbles. The glasses themselves are somewhat delicate, especially the stems, so even though they say dishwasher-safe, I would only hand wash these. The size allows for a good pour, and I like that they look different than your average, basic champagne glass. They're a decent value for the money.

Elegant and classy!

These are beautiful! Elegant and classy design - you almost feel transported back in time to the Great Gatsby when drinking from these gorgeous glasses!

Jason Millhouse
An elegant, if fragile, set, where the design could be sharpened.

Probably the best thing about these coupes is the size only reaches to 8 oz, which means in this day of giant coupe sets online, it wont dwarf a modern classic cocktail, which on chill/dilution only reaches to about 5-7oz.A thing I notice about this angled set is that you dont really catch those angles so much once some booze is in the glass and the light doesnt move through it as well, especially in a dimly lit bar. This is because those angles are primarily in the bottom of the bowl--in Mordor where the shadows lie. I added a shot of a recent sip we made with this set, and youll notice you can just barely make out the intended shape here. I think they could be a little more accentuated, a touch sharper on the angle, and the glass wouldnt lose volume or impressive impact.I do like that I can get only 8 oz raised up to that height. Pay close attention to these very fragile stemsno twisting when drying. I wont say these are full slow-motion fragile, but the stems do give uber-slender, so I definitely present the cocktail, let the guest finish, and whisk it away for protection. This is NOT a party glass if you are a worry-wort about your glassware (as I am).Otherwise, quite lovely and Im glad to add them to the collection. Im really digging that they ship these coupes out now in this pearl cotton protector unit. Saving the box with that pearl cotton makes excellent and fast storage: easily stackable with other sets if you are a collector. Also easily storable under furniture etc, with a nice label already on the box as to what it contains. If youre a cocktailian, I think youll dig this set, and its a 4 for me.