Opulent Rounded Coupe Cocktail Glasses, Set of 4

Introducing Sister.ly Drinkware's delightful Rounded Coupe Cocktail Glasses, the perfect fusion of nostalgic charm and contemporary elegance that will bring a touch of whimsy to your glassware collection. Inspired by the enchanting carnivals of yesteryear, these captivating glasses feature a modern optic texture that wraps around their curvaceous form, creating a visual spectacle that will transport you back to the magical atmosphere of those unforgettable days.

  • Expertly crafted from premium-quality glass, our Rounded Coupe Cocktail Glasses boast exceptional clarity and brilliance, ensuring that your favorite libations are showcased in all their splendor. The unique optic texture not only adds a stylish touch but also enhances the visual appeal of your drinks, creating a mesmerizing play of light and color that will captivate your guests and spark lively conversations.
  • With their generous 8-ounce capacity and beautifully rounded silhouette, these enchanting glasses are perfect for serving up an array of classic cocktails, from elegant martinis to sumptuous champagne. Their versatile design also makes them ideal for showcasing your own creative concoctions, allowing you to express your mixology prowess and impress your friends and family.
  • Perfect for special occasions, intimate gatherings, or simply adding a touch of vintage glamour to your everyday cocktail hour, our Rounded Coupe Cocktail Glasses make a thoughtful and stylish addition to any home bar or glassware collection. So why not treat yourself or your loved ones to these charming glasses and revel in the memories of the past while celebrating the present?

Raise a toast to the magic of days gone by, the laughter shared, and the joy of creating new memories with the ones you love. Embrace the enchanting allure of Sister.ly Drinkware's Rounded Coupe Cocktail Glasses and let the festivities begin! Cheers!


  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Height 7" Width 4.5"
  • Capacity 8 oz.
  • Set of 4

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Coupe stemmed glasses

They were not quite as elegant as I had imagined, however the price was right and I think they will be perfect as s gift.