Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs

 A Cup that Speaks Sophistication:

Elevate your coffee routine with Drinkware's Double Wall Coffee Cups. Their sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Whether you're sipping your favorite espresso or a rich cappuccino, these cups enhance the visual appeal of your coffee while keeping it at the ideal temperature. Elevate your morning ritual and make every sip a moment to cherish.


  • Set of 2 borosilicate glass cups
  • Double Walled Coffee Mugs
  • Hand Washing recommended
  • Microwave, oven, and freezer safe
  • The oversized glass holds 12 oz of your favorite beverage
  • BPA free
  • Comes packaged in a beautiful gift box


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Joyce O
Great coffee mugs!

I was surprised when the package came because it wasn't heavy. Double-walled glass mugs as light as a feather? Didn't expect that! But it's good and so are they! I love them. They really do keep the coffee hot longer and they are easy to care for. I would buy again and I will recommend to friends!

maria villanueva
I love them!!

They are super light can’t believe they are glass. Comfortable hold I love them.

They're great

These are great, attractive mugs for keeping your coffee warm without using an ugly travel mug! I also bravely put them in the dishwasher - terrified they'd explode (says they're dishwasher safe) - and they were fine! So - good, look nice, keep my coffee/tea hot, and get clean in the dishwasher without throwing shrapnel everywhere. Great buy!

Love the clean look and insulating properties. Just treat them gently.

I have purchased multiple iterations of cups of various sizes in this design. And I have loved them all. They are light weight, offer some insulation to keep your drink hot and I simply love the look. Though dish washer safe, I dare not put them in there. the pressure jets can knock other objects into them and I don't want to risk that. So many that I have owned suffered a tragic end when I left them on the counter and then clumsily knock them over when moving something. They are not forgiving. So I hand wash and dry them gently. I had one cup left that was of similar size and design I could compare these to. I like these better braise the handles are a little more generous making them easier to grip. When I got them they were $15 each and I see not have been reduced, perhaps temporarily to $12. Thats still a bit pricey so you'll want to have extra reason to treat them gently. If you do you should enjoy them tremendously for the clean contemporary look and functionality.

Antigone Walsh
Glass with Class

These mugs are lovely. Lightweight they are comfortable to use. The insulation maintains temperature, hot or cold, while protecting hands. Hand wash. Two coasters are included..