May 12, 2022

Wedding season is here! Give the wedding gift of their dreams.

'Tis the season for bouquets, lace, and beautiful parties with unlimited drinks. Wedding season is a magical time for some and stressful for others. It’s no secret that searching for the right gift can give anyone anxiety.

Additionally, there’s nothing more awkward than giving the same gift as someone else. We want to know that the gift we give is memorable and useful. It’s no wonder why some people wait until the last minute to shop.

Lastly, there’s the question of price. No one wants to be known as the friend who bought the least expensive item on the registry. Typically, spending $100 - $200 is the standard range when purchasing a wedding present. Nonetheless, even with registry options, sometimes it’s nice to step out on faith and select a unique gift.

I know you may be thinking, why drinkware? Everyone has them! Well, you’re in the right place. Drinkware has various distinctive glassware that falls in the range of $30 - $50, giving your wallet a break. Further, our drinkware is stylish, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Ordinarily, drinkware as wedding gifts is often passed down from generation to generation. Hospitality gifts immediately set new couples up to entertain guests. Couples generally are thrilled to receive drinkware and tend to cherish them forever. Why not take the opportunity to spoil your friends?

Without further ado, we’ve listed four show-stopping glasses that are sure to impress.

The Elegant Long Stemmed Coupe Glass

Let’s face it; nothing says glamour like stemware. Our coupe glasses are for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The Elegant Long Stemmed Coupe Glass is as stunning as its name. Great for entertaining guests or a pour of chilled prosecco to celebrate a special occasion.  This stemware will make for a stellar gift for a bride and even one or two for yourself.

Buy it: Elegant Long-Stemmed Coupe Glass

long stemmed coupe glasses

This martini glass would make any Real Housewife jealous.

Cosmopolitan anyone? Can we agree that those who enjoy cosmos have more fun? The Rhinestone Studded Bling Martini Glass is a stunning showpiece that heightens any drink. The radiant sparkle catches the light in any atmosphere, providing an illustrious glow. And if you are the bride, gifting these to your bridesmaids would win you the best friend award.

Buy it:The Rhinestone Studded Martini Glass

bling martini glasses

For the Bond couple.

Your friends aren’t ordinary, so why give them a regular Martini glass? This glass is for your shaken, not stirred crowd. Speakeasy drinks are currently en vogue, and our Handmade Hammered Cocktail Glasswill transport you to a scene in Casino Royale. It instantly sets the bar high for the next soiree while serving looks to everyone in the room.

Buy it:Handmade Hammered Cocktail Glass

handmade hammered martini glass

Toast to the Good Life.

Nothing says bold and beautiful like our Bella Collection of drinkware.  From elegant wedding receptions to celebratory parties, the pink coupe glasses and pink champagne flutes from the Bella Collection will add style and sophistication to any gathering.  The perfect gift for the bride and the bridal party.  They also enhance the tablescape of any wedding reception.

Buy it: Bella Collection

pink coupe glasses

Honorable Mention:

Hot Toddy, anyone?

Okay, we know that everyone isn’t a drinker. Some of us enjoy a cup of coffee or tea as much as those who want a craft drink. This Clear Double-wall Glass Coffee Cup is practical as it is chic. Perfect for a warm cozy beverage anytime. This cup is a fantastic gift that won’t flop.

Buy it:Clear Double Wall Glass Coffee Cup

double-wall coffee cup

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