May 08, 2022

You do not often see the words sexy and glass in the same sentence, but coupe (pronounced coop) glasses have become synonymous with chic, glamor, and high society and are undeniably sexy. Coupe glasses have become all the rage in the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. From their stylish aesthetic to their smooth rounded bowl, it’s no wonder that the coupe has made a triumphant resurgence. Coupes originally became fashionable in France in the 1700s and were the champagne vessel of choice for many years. Today, coupe glasses have become popularized as the perfect glass for martinis and other cocktails that are served shaken or stirred without ice cubes. They are also a stylish way to sip spirits.

Classic and elegant in their design, coupe glasses are staples at fine wine establishments and cocktail bars. Their vintage feel hearkens back to a time of opulence and excess.  The standard coupe glass bowl holds 4-8 ounces and stems range from short to tall.  Regardless of the size, coupe glasses are a classy and sophisticated way to take your cocktail presentation to the next level.

Turn heads at your next soiree with our Elegant Long-Stemmed Coupe Glass. With their breathtaking beauty, these glasses flawlessly accent any special occasion.  

coupe glass