Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum - Drinkware

This Hot Buttered Rum recipe by IG influencer @mochene and served in our Double Wall Coffee Cup is a must-have!  Check out @mochene's page for more delicious recipes.

It’s the last week to wrap presents! And if it’s cold where you are, this Hot Buttered Bourbon will warm you up while you’re chasing ribbon, looking for the scissors, trying to get the cat off of the wrapping paper, and keeping the kids-or nosey SO-out of the room! This butter batter uses soft vanilla ice cream, which makes it extra creamy! Just do a search for buttered rum batter and you’re golden!

Hot Buttered Bourbon
1 shot bourbon
2 TBSP butter batter
Hot water
Whipped cream

Stir the butter batter with the bourbon in a heat-safe glass or mug. Add hot water, and stir. I used my milk frother to blend and it did so beautifully! Top with whipped cream and enjoy!


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